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Helen M. McCann, CPA has been providing tax consulting and preparation services to individuals for over 20 years, always with the attitude that the biggest part of her job is to take the stress out of tax time.  Helen will not only help you prepare and file your tax return, but she will also help you plan more effectively to reduce your tax liability in the future.  She can help you deal with any IRS problems that might arise.

  • Income Tax Preparation Helen provides a comprehensive tax preparation service, whether you come in with a database or a grocery bag full of receipts.  Helen will provide a tax organizer tool for you to use, but is flexible enough to work with information in any format that works for you.  Helen simply wants to be sure that she has all the information she needs to prepare a complete and accurate return…and that you feel confident with the process.  Helen’s goal is to help you comply with tax law and take advantage of all available deductions.  Helen will prepare your local, state, and federal tax returns. Helen can file returns electronically at no extra charge and always stays up-to-date on changes in state and federal tax law.  Helen invests serious time and money into making sure that she has the latest tools, information, and skills to prepare your returns completely and accurately.  This means you will get your refund quickly and can always be confident that you have paid the least amount of tax that is allowed under the law.
    Helen can prepare back filings and help you negotiate terms with the IRS.  Helen’s service is personal and flexible.  When you come in, Helen will support you in taking the necessary actions to rectify the situation.  Helen will work on your team to find the best solution, including setting up payment plans with the IRS.
  • Tax Planning and Consulting Helen can work with you to create a system for tracking your expenses that makes you feel comfortable – and might just save you money!
    Helen has several sample forms and systems in her office that she can share with you and can help you understand what information is required to file a complete and accurate return.
    Helen can also provide you with tips and advice on the kinds of expenses you wlll need to track to reduce your tax liability.  This kind of planning can translate into serious savings down the road.  And having your books in good order can mean a more efficiently – and less expensively – prepared tax return. Helen will also work with you on long-range tax planning that can reduce your tax liability and help to secure your financial future, including:  education planning for your kids, retirement planning, and income tax projections.  Looking at your income mid-year, and knowing how much you are going to owe, means that you can make a plan to pay your taxes ahead of time and avoid any surprises at tax filing time.

If you have a home-based business, be sure to look at our services for Small Businesses.

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